Capital Campaign Flyer


What is the timetable for this Capital Campaign?

The original Capital Campaign was kicked-off in October or 2021, the extended Campaign in October of 2023 in an effort to reach our new overall goal of $5,500,000. For those who are able and willing, the original three year pledge redemption period has been extended for an additional two years.

What is the timetable for the Phase II and Phase III?

o   Phase II – Narthex, Bathrooms, Lower Level of Church – Construction starting June 2022 with an estimated completion of Fall 2022.

o   Phase III – Plaza, Outreach, Parking Lot, and Columbarium – Assuming all approvals are completed (approx. 12-16 months for Diocesan, County and Neighborhood), construction anticipated to start Winter 2025.

Why are we undertaking these projects now?

o Parish leadership committees (Pastoral, Facilities and Finance), representing our diverse parish population, have been working on priorities and project-lists for the past four years.

o Town Hall meeting, March 2020 – Father Bashista discussed all the projects identified by parish leadership and based on parishioner input and discussions at the Town Hall meeting, developed a priority list of project.

o Phase I of the Master Plan was approved in Fall 2019 with construction completed in Fall 2021.

o Father Bashista presented to the Diocesan Building Commission an overview of the total Master Plan and the conceptual design of Phases II and III.

o Plan and projects have been communicated through the Bulletin, Pastor’s Column, website and word-of-mouth.

What if Father Bashista leaves before these projects are completed?

Except in unusual circumstances, the Bishop would normally have a Pastor remain in place once a capital campaign has begun and through construction.

Why do we need to do these projects now?

Due to existing conditions of erosion, upper slipping into lower, grass in the parking lot, and the handicap ramp,.

What if I move or my income is significantly impacted; what happens with my pledge?

While pledges are good-faith offerings, circumstances may change and your pledge amount may need to be adjusted. This is completely understandable and we will work with you to adjust your pledge.

When does my pledge have to start?

We ask that you start your pledge start as soon as possible. We do request that pledges start by January 2022, unless circumstances dictate otherwise (RMD-QCD distribution, etc). Extended or adjusted pledges could start anytime, but normally no later than January 2025.

What are the different ways I can pay for my pledge?

o Cash or check, with “CC2021” marked on the envelope/memo line, can be dropped in the mail, offertory basket or at the Parish Office.

o Faith Direct – whether you already use Faith Direct for your offertory or not, you can set up a specific regular withdrawal from your bank/credit card via Faith Direct.

o Stock or sale of real estate – please contact the Parish business manager, Mary Gildersleeve (703-494-4008 ext 127) to find out the best way to submit stock or other real property transactions. These are handled by the Diocesan brokerage firm.

o IRA – if you are 70-1/2 or older, you can use your required mandatory distribution (RMD) as payment for your pledge. If you are do not yet need to take an RMD, you can still set up your IRA to send the pledge amount(s) to Seton Lake Ridge. Please contact the Parish business manager, Mary Gildersleeve (703-494-4008 ext 127) or m., for further information.

Can I make my contribution, monthly, with my credit card?

Going through our Faith Direct portal, you may make a one-time gift or through a credit card. In this way, the Church does not have your credit card number – protecting you and the Parish from fraudulent charges on your card.

Why are we doing such expensive projects instead of just repairing what we have?

The Plaza addresses critical erosion problems, handicap accessibility issues, and site security concerns. These are projects which have been deferred for far too long. The delay has increased the overall cost to remember these issues. Further delay will exacerbate the problems and increase the cost of the solutions.

Why are we doing Phase II (interior work) and Phase III (exterior parking lot work) before fixing the pews, replacing the Church carpet and painting the Church and Chapel?

When we held the Town Hall meeting, safety and security were considered number one priorities, especially for our Faith Formation classes.

The priority list is based on long-term deferred maintenance issues which must be addressed.

What are the Phase IV and Phase V projects?

o Phase IV – Church and Chapel updates to include new pews in both, new flooring, painting and general clean up – estimated at $900,000.

o Phase V – A brand new Seton Hall to allow for increased meeting/class space, full-size kitchen and gymnasium – estimated at $12.5 million.

What is a Columbarium and why do we need it?

A columbarium, which Bishop Burbidge recently approved for Parish properties, allows for the above-ground reposition of cremated remains.

Individual niches will be sold, averaging$7,500 each, to cover the cost of construction, the perpetual maintenance/upkeep of the site, as well as allowing for a positive revenue stream.

There are no Catholic cemeteries available to our parishioners within the County or the Diocese.

Who gets to be buried in the Columbarium?

Parishioners and close family members who have secured a niche and have chosen to be cremated. Cremation must be arranged through a funeral home.

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