The majority of the Sacramental Preparation Program for Confirmation takes place during a child’s 8th-grade year. It is a 2-year preparation program that begins in 7th grade. Confirmation is the sacrament wherein a soul receives the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit and is fully initiated into the life of the Church.

Ministry Contact

Mylene Garcia
Coordinator of Family Faith Formation
Send Email | (703) 494-4008 ext. 126

Dori Cook Coordinator of Sacrament Preparation (703) 494-4008 ext. 129

Confirmation Retreat
March 9, 2024

Confirmation Meeting Dates
(Fellowship Hall at 4:00PM):
Nov 5, Jan 14, Feb 25, and Apr 14.

Confirmation Preparation Requirements

Candidates must…

  • have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance, and Eucharist
  • be enrolled in our Faith Formation classes continuously or attend catholic school or homeschool program in order to receive confirmation. If the family has just moved into our parish, details of the candidate’s religious formation from their previous parish must be provided to the Faith Formation Office
  • attend Faith Formation class, Confirmation preparation classes, retreat, and Confirmation practice.
  • complete some type of service for our church or community and provide details of the project(s) to the Pastor
  • have and submit proof of Baptism

A Candidate’s parent must attend the Confirmation Parent meeting to ensure that the family understands the process at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. The first Confirmation Meeting will be held in November. Candidates are required to turn in all required paperwork (saint name reports, sponsor information, pastor letters, etc.) by their due dates.

Confirmation Fees Include:

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Confirmation Fees Include:
– Materials for all 4 preparation meetings

– Confirmation Robe

– 13 hour off-site retreat

– Sacrament Certificate

– Flowers and cantor

– A reception and photographer who takes photos of each candidate receiving the anointing from the Bishop and our group photo. We send a copy of these to each family.

– Stipends for the Bishop and MC

Please contact our office if you cannot afford this fee.

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