The Silver Foxes is an organization at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church for parishioners 55 years of age or older – a “Senior Citizens” organization. The Club has a spiritual foundation and provides regular social, educational, entertainment, and spiritual events.


Ann Muench
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A Message from the Silver Foxes’ President:
Come and join us for a cup of coffee for our Monthly Meeting! I am Ann Signore Muench, President of the Silver Foxes and each month we choose a Saturday after the 9AM Mass to meet for a delightful breakfast with hot tea and of course hot coffee. Each month, 10 of our members volunteer to be Breakfast Caterers and we also serve juice, casseroles, pastries, cookies, fruit, yogurt, and other surprises! For those who are not Breakfast Caterers of the month, we ask that you please donate $3.00 per person. Additionally, throughout the month we also host different events as well as have guest speakers. With that being said…..

Are you 55 plus?? If so, you are now eligible to join us! With ongoing construction in Fellowship Hall, please check the bulletin to find where our meetings or events will take place.

A little History:
Founded by Tom & Fritzie Vertiz, Silver Foxes will 23 years old in September! Our ministry opens its arms to all and we have members from Holy Family, Our Lady of Angels, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (of course), and in the past 2 years, we have added members from United Methodist & Lake Ridge Baptist!
Here, new friendships are formed and comraderies begin!

Membership Includes:

  • Members attend Mass monthly followed by breakfast.
  • Meetings include discussions on upcoming events and may also include guest speakers on topics pertinent to the group.
  • Monthly or periodic trips or activities are scheduled, such as dinner theater, museum trips, Day of Recollection, baseball games, picnics, wine tastings, bingo, and bunco, Civil War tours, monastery or basilica visits, a Christmas party, and much, much more!
  • A monthly newsletter is published for all members.
  • No membership fee.
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