Seton Sanitizers Needed

We need volunteers to clean frequently touched surfaces before and after every Mass.  

We are instating a new ministry called the “SETON SANITIZERS”.  Basically, we need at least (6) people for each weekend Mass and (2) for each daily Mass who can wipe down frequently contacted surfaces as required by the Governor’s guidelines. 

Please note, If we do not have people fulfilling this important role, we will be required to postpone resuming public Masses here at Seton Lake Ridge.  So, we strongly encourage anyone who is able and comfortable fulfilling this role to sign-up.

Please sign up here or for more information, contact Mary Gildersleeve at

Sunday Nursery Volunteers

* At this time, the Nursery Service is UNAVAILABLE until further notice.

Once again, we are in great need of adult/parent volunteers for the Sunday nursery. If we can get more adults and teens, then we can expand nursery services to the 9:00 am Mass, as well as the 10:45 am Mass. A schedule is done for a 12 week period and mailed to all volunteers, who are routinely scheduled once every 4-6 weeks (if we have enough adults).

For more information, please contact Melissa Maleski.


Melissa Maleski
Director of Marriage & Family Life
  Send Email
(703) 494-4008 ext. 132

Catechist & Catechist Aides

“Living as Missionary Disciples”

To take up the challenge of Pope Francis, we must be missionary disciples, called to witness to Christ in every aspect of our lives.  You are cordially invited to become a catechist (religious education teacher) or a catechist aide for our K– 8th grade RE program. Initial training and catechist formation will be provided in the Fall for all catechists, with ongoing catechist formation throughout the year. For more information, please contact Sheri Suess.


Sheri Suess
Director of Faith Formation
  Send Email
(703) 494-4008 ext. 130

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