Fairfax County Public Schools Family Life Education Curriculum

Protect Fairfax County children from ideological falsehoods in family life curriculum.

Lessons contain material contrary to Catholic teaching about the truth of human person and human sexuality.  One way Catholic parents can assert their role as the primary educators of their children is exercising their right to opt their children out of any or all the these lessons.

Statement from Bishop Burbidge.  Read Statement…
Color-coded parent’s guide.  View Guide…
What’s in the curriculum ?  Read Reviews…
amily Life Education (FLE) Opt-Out Request Forms.  Opt-Out Forms…
Send comments to oppose alarming changes to public school lessons.  Submit your comments….

For additional information, please visit ParentAndChild.org.

Mother Seton Food Pantry
Items in Great Need

Mother Seton Food Pantry is in Great Need!

The Corona Virus’ financial impact on families has resulted in our own Mother Seton Food Pantry experiencing a marked increase in the amount of visitors from the surrounding Lake Ridge community.

We need your ongoing support to continue our efforts to help our neighbors in need.

No glass jars, please!

Donations may be placed in the Mother Seton Food Pantry bins in the Fellowship Hall, Gift card donations may be placed in the drop box on the inside door of the Parish Office Reception Area or mailed to Betty Maher, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, 12807 Valleywood Drive, Lake Ridge, VA 22192. Questions? Contact Betty at b.maher@setonlakeridge.org or 703.494.4008, ext. 145. Thank you for your generosity!

 Pantry Items Needed: 

Canned Chicken
Canned Tuna
Vegetable Oil
Pasta Sauce (Canned or Plastic Jar)
Spaghetti (1lb box)
White Rice
Jelly (Plastic Bottle)
Canned Diced Tomatoes
Beans (Canned/Bagged) (Black/Red/White)
Canned Green Vegetables
Canned Yellow Vegetables
Canned Potatoes
Canned Fruit
Oatmeal Variety Packs



Help or Need Help

No Request is Too Little or Too Big

Our Human Concerns Ministry has begun coordinating volunteers, who are able and willing,
to shop for groceries and pharmacy items for other parishioners who are unable because they are in a high-risk category.

Do you need help?
Please contact our office at 703.494.4008.
Dial x145 to leave a message for Betty Maher,
Director of Human Concerns Outreach


Email Scam Alert

Email Scam Alert (Please DO NOT Respond to this)

It has come to our attention that a recent email is being sent out under these fake email addresses (pastorst4@gmail.com and pastorseas1@gmail.com). It is a scam so please do not respond. As a policy, the pastor, other clergy, and staff members will NEVER solicit funds via email. Please help spread the word so no one is taken by the following: 

[Response from Scammer] 

From: Father Brian Bashista [mailto:pastorst4@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2019 5:15 PM
Subject: Many Blessings 

Hi, how are you doing?

I need a favor from you, email me as soon as you get this message.

God Bless,
Father Brian Bashista

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