We are all called to holiness in every aspect of our lives. The Seton Lake Ridge youth program is designed to help parents form their sons and daughters to be young adults of virtue and faith. Through engaging and exciting activities, events, prayer, and talks, the program will help form our youth’s character spiritually, socially, intellectually, and culturally.

The key to the effectiveness of this program lies on the teens themselves. We encourage you to come and be a part of this program.  Bring your friends. We are open to anyone coming; in fact, we encourage you to bring as many friends as you want. The more open you are to God the more he will bless you, so I encourage all teens to live out your calling and help bring others closer to Christ.

This year the youth program at Seton Lake Ridge will soar to new heights.  Our theme this year is “Run This Race!”. It is inspired by Pope Francis’ closing message to young people in his post-synodal apostolic exhortation entitled Christus Vivit.

Together, the Seton Lake Ridge Youth Ministry will Run This Race to Christ and His Church! Students will have many chances to meet new friends and grow in true friendship with one another and, most especially, with Christ Himself. 


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