The Meaning of the Season: Advent is the first season in our liturgical year. During Advent, the Church prepares for two things: The proximate feast of the incarnation (the coming of Christ that we celebrate at Christmas) and the coming of Christ at the end of time.

Is the first few weeks of Advent, the emphasis is on the second coming of Christ and the second part serves to prepare for the Lord’s birth. During evening prayer, the Church prays the “O” antiphons (so called because each one begins with a salutations, “O”, followed by a traditional title for Christ).

“Advent needs our waiting, our patience. It needs us to take our time, to sing another verse, to wait with bated breath for the lighting of another candle, for a pregnant pause before before we begin, for the gathering up of the Light of Christ in the midst of the Body of Christ on these darkest days of the year. We need these long midwinter nights and their ancient songs of “waiting” and “almost” and “coming” to ground us in an acute appreciation for what it means to celebrate. Yes, Advent needs our waiting – and we need the waiting”.

-Excerpts from 2022 Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons and Weekdays

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