Learn how to help a friend or loved one heal from their abortion.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 men and women who have had an abortion don’t know where to go for healing?

In turn, so many of them suffer in silence.

The free Healing Network Virtual Conference is the first ever ecumenical summit aimed at empowering leaders, lay people, clergy, and non-profits with resources and education to meet men and women suffering after their abortion with compassion, mercy, and support.

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At Virtual Catholic Conference, we are happy to assist Support After Abortion and their efforts to unite abortion-healing apostolates and discover new ways to bring hope and healing to those who are suffering.

In every abortion, one heart stops, and another heart breaks. God loves both these hearts.

This July 30 to August 1, come and discover:

  • How to enter challenging conversations with loved ones who have had an abortion
  • What secular and faith-based programs are doing to meet people where they are and help bring healing
  • Tips on how to get an abortion-healing ministry started at your church
  • and much more!

Become an abortion-healing advocate!

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